Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Prayer for Lincoln's Birthday

Enjoy Lincoln's birthday and remember him and George Washington ---bothbelieved in God Both prayed and asked for God's help Both are recognizedas 2 of our nation's greatest presidents and greatest American peopleTrue greatness is knowing and acknowledging and responding to thegreatness of GodGod bless America indeed --lead, guide, direct, and protect us ---healour land -restore our hope and renew our strength ---Make us the shininglight on a hill for the entire world for your glory -Amen In God WeTrust!!! Not the trillion dollars that say "In God we trust" -but wetrust in you who made the trees that produce the paper that those trillions of dollars are made of.Lord stimulate us --not just our economy --and Lord bless our troops and our families Direct leaders allover the world and direct us your people in Jesus' name I pray-Amen

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